Thursday, 3 July 2014

Week 25

2/7/14 - Carpenter was back today to redo the front timber feature on the portico. I looks really good and matches in well with the garage doors. Cant wait to see it stained. The glass in the front door has also been replaced, and the timber archs around the door frame have finally been completed.

Looks like they have mopped the timber floors to see how many scratches are in the boards, and determine which ones will need to be replaced.

The splashback drama continues..... looks like no one can make the mirror 3.4 meters long so we have decided to go with 3 pieces along the back bench top - and hope it will look like a nice feature.

3/7/14 - Carpenter was back today installing the rest of the internal fixtures like handles and hooks etc, leaving his dirty boot marks all over our freshly cleaned floor!!! The section above the front window has also been pulled down, just needs to be re-framed now correctly ready for blue board and render. The weep hole covers in the brickwork and render have also been removed, so there is a bit more touch up work on the render to be repaired now.

4/7/14 - Tiler was back today to fix up the powder room splashback - and hopefully the bath hob in the bath room. The site fence and portaloo were also removed today.

6/7/14 - Called past the house this afternoon, hoping to see the house had had the bircks cleaned again, only to find the plasterers working inside the house. Very happy to see that they had taken there boots off and left them at the front door.

So looks like all thats left to bedone is section above front window, render touch ups, exterior paint/ staining, final interior and exterior clean, site clean, brick work touch ups, replace scratched floor boards and ramping to carpeted areas, splashback installed, dishwasher replaced and final interior paint touch ups. Hopefully the house is buzzing with activity for the next 3 days ready for handover on thursday. The hubby has been able to sweet talk his bosses into flying him home early so he will now be home on thursday night, ready to get stuck into retaining walls and driveway first thing friday ;)

7/7/14 - Carpenter was back today blueboarding the front section above the front corner bedroom, and I'm happy to say..... it has finally been done right! 

8/7/14 - Quick phone call from SS this morning confirmed that handover will be at 8am on thursday. There will be a few things that wont be completed in time, but he had assured me that they will be done during the first week after handover. 

Called past the house this afternoon and was really dissappointed to find that the only thing that had happened at the house was an external site clean, ready for the skip bin to be removed. The list of things to get done in 1 day before handover is crazy...still need interior and exterior cleans, interior and exterior painting to be completed, rendering to be finished, staining to be completed, front door to be fixed, flyscreens to be installed, splashback to be installed, brickwork touch ups, dishwasher fixed and skirting/scotia installed in front.... and thats just from what I can see outside.

Have everything crossed that tomorrow is a big day at the house with most of those items completed - particularly the painting as we have furniture getting delivered tomorrow afternoon.

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