Friday, 25 July 2014


10/7/14 - Finally the day had arrived for handover. Didnt get much sleep the night before and was very anxious, mainly because I knew there were quite a few items that were yet to be completed at the house. My dad met me at the house to do handover with me (as hubby was in Mt Isa awaiting his flight home), and be a witness really to what I was being told in regards to when outstanding items would be finished.

Handover took 2 hours - mainly because so many things inside and outside hadnt been completed, so SS was trying to make calls along the way to find out when things would be completed. Some of the items that hadnt been done are:-

* Internal and external painting to be completed
*dishwasher still has scratched door
*flyscreens etc not installed
*tiles missing under bath hob (exposed timber)
*bricks missing in garage
* concrete under frame overhanging slab not completed
*render touch ups
*front timber facade not stained
*scratches in chips in front door
*rubber loose around bathroom window
*interior and extertior clean not done
*gas cook top not working
*chips in wine rack
*scratch on stacker door frame
* scratch on glass in front window
* kick board and scotia missing in front of dishwasher
* stains on carpet
*cavity slider catching
* guide on main bedroom doors missing

The painters turned up during handover and I was told they would stay until they had completed everything, but they snuck out of the house just over an hour later whilst I was busy cleaning leaving alot of paint work not completed.

I was told at handover that the cleaners would be in the following day to clean inside and outside the house and remove all the excess paint on handles, bench tops etc etc. The cleaners never showed up until the following friday, and were so rude and disrepectful. They bashed into our walls and furniture, marking the skirting boards, and scratching some of our timber floors, even bent our newly installed blinds. We showed them specifically where there was excess paint to be removed, to which they said they were only told to do a light clean, and thats all we were getting, and that they werent doing outside at all. Again they snuck out after less then 20 minutes not completing the job.

I was told at handover that our splashback (which was measured for on 17/6/14) would be getting installed on thursday 17/7/14. I tried to find out a time of SS but he never replied. Thursday mid morning, after no one turning up, I contacted the supplier direct myself. They were suprised to find out we were in the house and said that we werent booked in at all to get it installed. They kindly said they would be there first thing the next day to install.... which they did. They did however try and get away with installing the splashback without the returns, saying they had never been measured or ordered and left, only for them to return 2 hours later with the returns!! What ever the products the installers used have now marked the back bench so we now have to get caesarstone out to inspect and try and remove the marks.

The flysreen installer turned up in the afternoon to install our screens - they look great, but the stacker door screen has scratches around the latches :(

SS assured me that all things on our list would be completed within the following 2 weeks before my husband returned back to work................. to date, only the above items have been done and SS is avioding our phone calls and text messages. We have now had to resort to email, expressing our disapointment in the lack of contact, and items being completed, and to be give exact dates of when each item will be completed. We dont want to have to take things further, but if things arent done soon, the SS is leaving us with no other option.


  1. Pinny your house looks great so far! Sorry to hear that you've had difficulties with your SS, so many things left unfinished, such a shame and hope you get it all fixed up soon!

  2. Thanks. Will try and get some decent insdie pics over the weekend and post them up monday. Still trying to source a few bits and pieces of furniture, but am really happy with it so far.