Construction Time Line

Date                        Week               Process                                                                            

15th Jan 2014                1                  Final plans received  / Site Pegged
16th Jan 2014                1                  Final plans signed and returned
17th Jan 2014                1
18th Jan 2014               Sat
19th Jan 2014               Sun
20th Jan 2014                1
21st Jan 2014                1

22nd Jan 2014               2                   SS to receive file
23rd Jan 2014                2
24th  Jan 2014               2                   SS to receive file
25th Jan 2014               Sat
26th Jan 2014               Sun
27th Jan 2014                2
28th Jan 2014                2

29th Jan 2014                3                   SS to receive file
30th Jan 2014                3                   Site cut                                              
31st Jan 2014                3                   Site cut                                                        
1st Feb  2014              Sat
2nd Feb 2014              Sun
3rd Feb 2014                3                                                                                      
4th Feb 2014                3                                                                                        

5th  Feb  2014               4                 Layout marked up, string line                        
6th  Feb  2014               4                 Piering & Origin rang about elec & gas            
7th  Feb  2014              4                                                                                        
8th  Feb  2014              Sat
9th  Feb  2014              Sun
10th Feb 2014               4                                                                                  
11th Feb 2014               4                Plumbing, site fence erected & tap                    

12th Feb 2014              5                                                                                      
13th Feb 2014              5                 Rawson signage erected on fence                    
14th Feb 2014              5                 Port-a-loo & sediment control fence erected    
15th Feb 2014             Sat
16th Feb 2014             Sun                                                                                      
17th Feb 2014              5                 Formwork started - alfresco & right side          
18th Feb 2014              5                 Formwork continued, reo & waffle pods started                                                        

19th Feb 2014              6                 Reo & waffle pods finished - still more formwork to be done
20th Feb 2014              6                 Frames to be delivered
21st Feb 2014              6                  Engineer inspection, formwork finally finished
22nd Feb 2014            Sat
23rd Feb 2014            Sun
24th Feb 2014              6                  Frames to be delivered     Slab
25th Feb 2014              6                  Slab             Frames to be delivered

26th Feb 2014              7                  Termimesh installed, frame delivered, frame part erected
27th Feb 2014              7                  Roof Trusses delivered
28th Feb 2014              7                  RAIN DAY    First progress payment received
1st March 2014           Sat
2nd March 2014         Sun
3rd March 2014           7                   Wall framing completed , roof trusses started
4th March 2014           7                    Roof trusses completed

5th March 2014           8       Windows installed & electricans on site. Gutters & fascia delivered
6th March 2014           8                    Scaffold erected to front of house
7th March 2014           8    Gutters & fascia installed, roof tiles delivered, window protection applied
8th March 2014          Sat
9th March 2014          Sun                
10th March 2014         8                    Second progress payment received
11th March 2014         8                    Scaffold erected around the rest of the house - ready for tiling

12th March 2014         9                    Roof tiling started
13th March 2014         9
14th March 2014         9                   Site clean of excess dirt from piering
15th March 2014        Sat
16th March 2014        Sun
17th March 2014        9                    Walk -thru with SS, Bricks delivered
18th March 2014        9                    Skip bin emptied

19th March 2014       10                   Bricking to start       Sand and steel delivered
20th March 2014       10                   More Roofing done - still not finished
21st March 2014       10                   Bricking to start    1/2 a pallet of bricks moved
22nd March 2014     Sat                   Bricking started - 18 rows high on 3rd garage wall
23rd March 2014     Sun
24th March 2014      10                    Bricks - back garage wall, front bedrooms started
25th March 2014      10                    Bricks - front columns, right hand side of house started

26th March 2014      11     Bricks - front of house mostly finished, back started, right hand side continued
27th March 2014      11     RAIN DAY  Bricks - around front windows started, 1/2 main bathroom done
                                          alfresco columns started, stacker doors installed, more bricks delivered
28th March 2014      11     RAIN DAY  Internal bricking to 3rd garage wall, ensuite & main bedroom
29th March 2014      Sat
30th March 2014      Sun
31st March 2014      11      3rd progess claim for brick received - still not finished!!! More bricking
1st April 2014           11      Roof finished, plumbing rough in completed, bricking continued, materials                                                      for eaves delivered
2nd April 2014         12
3rd April 2014          12                   External taps installed, bathroom cavity slider frame delivered
4th April 2014          12                   Eletrical rough in started. Meter box and backing plate installed
5th April 2014          Sat
6th April 2014          Sun
7th April 2014           12                  Electrical rough in continued, installation of eaves started
8th April 2014           12   electrical rough in completed, eaves continued, timber feature started,                                                           downpipes started to be installed

9th April 2014           13                  Installation on eaves continued
10th April 2014         13                  Internal framework finally continued, waterproofing started
11th April 2014         13                  Internal framework & air con rough in completed
12th April 2014         Sat
13th April 2014         Sun
14th April 2014         13                New windows delivered
15th April 2014         13                New windows installed, bath partially boarded up

16th April 2014         14                Insulation delivered, another window delivered
17th April 2014         14                Window installed, frame inspection, 2nd walk thru
18th April 2014         14                Public Holiday
19th April 2014        Sat
20th April 2014        Sun
21st April 2014         14                Public Holiday
22nd April 2014        14                Insulation 3/4 installed

23rd April 2014         15               Brickies returned, gyprock delivered
24th April 2014         15                Bricking continued
25th April 2014         15                Public Holiday
26th April 2014        Sat                Gyprocking started
27th April 2014        Sun
28th April 2014        15                  Bricking finally finished! Gyprocking continued
29th April 2014        15                  Gyprocking continued - setting started

30th April 2014        16                  Internal doors, skirting, arcitraves and door jams delivered
1st May 2014          16                  Plastering continued, front door hung, internal fit out started
2nd May 2014         16                  2 skip bins delivered, site cleaned up, plaster continued
3rd May 2014         Sat                 Plastering continued
4th May 2014         Sun                 Plastering continued
5th May 2014          16                  Internal fix out started
6th May 2014          16                  Internal fix out continued, bricks cleaned

7th May 2014          17                  Internal fix out continued
8th May 2014          17                  3rd walk thru, fix out continued, 2nd stage waterproofing done
9th May 2014          17                  4th progress claim for internal linings received Internal fix out                                                               continued
10th May 2014      Sat
11th May 2014      Sun                 Painting started
12th May 2014       17                  water tank delivered, renderers started, internal fix out continued
13th May 2014       17                  Water tank connected, internal fix out continued

14th May 2014       18                  Glass in front window, blinds ordered, render, eaves completed etc
15th May 2014       18                  Gravel/all weather access driveway pad laid
16th May 2014       18                  Electrican onsite to work on meter box and cut out holes for power                                                      points etc
17th May 2014       Sat
18th May 2014       Sun
19th May 2014       18                   Air con vent holes cut out in ceilings
20th May 2014       18                

21st May 2014       19                    Internal painting continued
22nd May 2014     19                     painting continued, garage doors installed
23rd May 2014      19                    Internal painting continued
24th May 2014      Sat                   External painting done (render painted the wrong colour)
25th May 2014      Sun
26th May 2014      19    
27th May 2014      19                    Tiler has prepped floor ready to for floor tiles to be laid

28th May 2014      20                    Floor tiles laid in main bathroom, ensuite and toilets    
29th May 2014      20                    Floor tiles laid in laundry, kitchen delivered
30th May 2014      20                    vanities & laundry installed, wall tiles started in main bathroom
31st May 2014      Sat
1st June 2014       Sun
2nd June 2014      20                      Kitchen, butler pantry & hallway cabinetry installed, tiling continued
3rd June 2014       20                  

4th June 2014       21                      Tiling continued
5th June 2014       21                      Tiles grouted
6th June 2014       21                       5th progress claim for fix out received
7th June 2014      Sat
8th June 2014      Sun
9th June 2014       21                     Public Holiday
10th June 2014     21                     4th walk thru painters back

11th June 2014     22                      Painting continued
12th June 2014     22                      Benchtops installed
13th June 2014     22                      Air conditioner, vents and panel installed
14th June 2014    Sat
15th June 2014    Sun
16th June 2014     22                     Tiler back to finish bathroom splashbacks, appliances installed
17th June 2014     22                     Mirrors installed, screen in ensuite installed, plumbing fit out                                                                        completed, gas system installed, water tank hooked up,                                                                                electrical fix out started, down pipe connected

18th June 2014     23                     Timber floor and carpet to be installed  Cupboards fitted out,                                                                       handles and doors stops placed in rooms ready to be installed
19th June 2014     23                     Skirtings in bedrooms installed, door handles and door stops                                                                        intalled, main bathroom shower screen installed, front door                                                                            handle installed
20th June 2014     23
21st June 2014     Sat                    Timber flooring installed
22nd June 2014   Sun
23rd June 2014    23                     Skirtings installed, blueboard installed above front bedroom window
24th June 2014     23                    Painters back to complete paintworks internal and external

25th June 2014     24                     Carpet installed, windows cleaned
26th June 2014     24                       PCI @ 8am
27th June 2014     24                     Independant inspection booked for 7am    PCI @2pm
28th June 2014     Sat
29th June 2014     Sun
30th June 2014     24                     Final Invoice received
1st July 2014        24                     Occupation certificate paperwork completed and sent back

2nd July 2014     25                       Carpenter back, portico redone, front door fixed, floors cleaned
3rd July 2014      25                       Handles, hooks etc installed, weep hole covers removed, section
                                                    above front window pulled down
4th July 2014      25                        Tiler back to fix up tile issues
5th July 2014     Sat
6th July 2014     Sun                       Plasterers back fixing up internal plaster work
7th July 2014     25                         Carpenter back to blueboard above front window
8th July 2014     25                         External site clean

9th July 2014     26
10th July 2014   26                         HANDOVER @ 8am  - painters back to finish internal painting,                                                           and some external painting, electrician in to fix gas cook top, fly                                                         screens installed
11th July 2014                                Our electrian in to install our downlights etc, excavator onsite to                                                        dig out footings for retaining walls
12th July 2014     Sat                     Dig out more footings for retaining walls, move stuff into house                                                        from storage
13th July 2014     Sun                    Hang up blinds - unpack boxes
14th July 2014                               Pour footings for retaining walls, form up driveway
15th July 2014                               Pour double driveway
16th July 2014                               Pour third driveway, start retaining walls - Rawson renderer is a                                                             no show
17th July 2014                               Continue with retaining walls
18th July 2014                               Continue with retaining walls - Rawsons cleaners finally show up,                                                       splashback also finally installed
19th July 2014      Sat                    Start to reinstall side fence
20th July 2014      Sun                   Fix faulty lights in bedrooms
21st July 2014                               Core fill retaining walls
22nd July 2014                              Finish erecting side fence, agi line put in behind walls, driveways                                                       sealed
27th July 2014      Sun                   Stripped pool covers off
28th July 2014                               Stegbar came to fix rubber in bathroom window, and scratch on                                                        stacker door.
30th July 2014                               Beacon lighting electrician out to replace faulty light. Winning                                                             appliances delivered new dishwasher
1st August 2014                            Plumber returned to install replacement dishwasher, renderer finally                                                      showed up to start fixing the overhanging frame in the garage
4th August 2014                            Renderers returned to finish work in the garage
7th August 2014                            Back filled behind retaining walls
8th August 2014                            Side path formed up, footings dug out for front left retaining wall
9th August 2014    Sat                   Side path poured, footings poured
10th August 2014  Sun                  Front garden area leveled off, and turf laid
11th August 2014                          Front left retaining wall erected, caps intstalled on retaining wall
12th August 2014                          Front retaining wall core filled, caps installed on remaining retaining                                                    walls
14th August 2014                          Coping pavers around pool started to be installed
15th August 2014                          Coping pavers finished
26th August 2014                          Pool surround & alfresco formed up, outdoor shower installed
27th August 2014                          Pool surround & alfresco poured
28th August 2014                          Rawson tiler returned to tile under the bath hob
29th August 2014                          Slab/path for garbage bins poured, capping on retaining walls                                                            finished
30th August 2014                          Pool surround and path acid washed
1st September 2014                       SS & Plasterer came to inspect defects in plaster
2nd September 2014                      Grouting of coping pavers completed, front path poured
5th September 2014                       Alfresco concrete polishing started Rawson plasterer mark up                                                          faulty work to be fixed
6th September 2014                       Concrete polishing continued
8th September 2014                       Electrican hooked up power points in pool area and front sensor                                                         lights
9th September 2014                       Concrete polishing completed
12th September 2014                     Glass pool fence installed
17th September 2014                     Renderer to render front retaining walls
18th September 2014                     Pool gate installed Rawson plasterers returned to fix defects
19th September 2014                     Underlay finished
20th September 2014                     Turf laid, pool filters etc connected
22nd September 2014                    Rawson plasterer returned, glass pool fencing completed
23rd September 2014                     Rawson plasterer finished
24th September 2014                     Rawson painters returned
1st October 2014                          Rawson painter returned again to redo paint work, and remove                                                         paint from carpet and furniture 
19th October 2014                         Front retaining walls painted
22nd October 2014                        Maintenance list sent to rawson (9 pages long with pictures)

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