Monday, 30 June 2014


27/6/14 - Today we had our PCI. It went for about 2 hours. Some of the items that will need to be fixed/finished before handover include:-
* Scratches on the timber floor
* Scratch on top of stacker door
* Stacker door wont open
* Scratch on dishwasher door
* Chips in the wine rack
* Few stains on the carpet
* Replace glass in front door
* Marks / chips in front door
* Splashback tiles in powder room are wrong
* Locks and handles to be installed on some of the doors
* Cavity door catching
* Realign a few doors
* Paint / plaster touch up internally
* Paint / render touch ups externally
* Fix section above front window
* Redo timber feature on portico
* Scratch on bedroom window
*install fly screens
* install tiles under bath hob
Hopefully all the items can be fixed without too much drama, and we will get the keys on Thursday 10th July!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Week 24

25/6/14 - Finally able to call past the house in the daylight to have a good look around. Have found a few things that we are not happy with, main one being that the section above the main front window is suppose to be rendered, and yesterday we saw that it has just been boarded up with material similar to what the eaves are done with and just painted. It looks very cheap, so that will need to be fixed. The framework around the front door still hasnt been completed, the front door still has cracked glass in it, and the door also has ALOT of dents and scratches, and chips of timber taken out of it. Not very happy about that considering the amount of $$ those doors cost. We have also found a hole in the eaves, and section of the render above one of the garages has a big chunk missing out of it. The front timber feature still hasnt been fixed either. We stopped looking after that as we were getting depressed with the amount of things we were finding :(

The carpet has been installed and looks really good. It finally looks like a liveable house now. The windows have had the protection stuff taken off and they have been given a good clean - hopefully that means the flyscreens will be getting installed soon. 2 more sleeps to PCI!

1/7/14 - Today we got a email to say that our mirror splashback cant be made in 1 piece due to the size, and that it would have to be done in either 2 peices or 3 pieces. The SS called around to see what other options we had, or if any other suppliers were able to do it in 1 piece, but at this stage its not looking good. Apparently we are 100 mm over in length to be able to get it in 1 piece :( .
SS is going to make a couple more calls tomorrow just to make sure there is no other way around it, but if not we have decided to go with 3 pieces so it looks more like a feature, rather than a necessity.
We have been told the tiler has been back to the house to fix his bits up, and that the carpenter will be onsite tomorrow to complete his jobs, with the cleaner back in on thursday so they can see what damage has been done to the timber floors. Site fence and clean up should also occur sometime this week.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Week 23

18/6/14 - Called past the house this afternoon expecting to see our flooring installed, and was disapointed to find it hadnt been done :(. Was able to get in the back door (tried to lock it but it seems as though the lock is stuffed) so was able to take better photos of our appliances, and saw that the linen press and wardrobes have been fitted out, and that the door handles, door stops etc have been laid out in each room ready to be installed.

We were also advised by our SS that PCI will be next thursday 26/6/14 @ 8am. We are so excited. Handover will be a week or so later, no major rush as hubby cant get time off, due to his FIFO roster until 13th July so I will probably have to do handover myself, which is ok, I will be able to give the house a really good clean, get the blinds up, furniture that we have bought delivered, and move over a few bits and pieces before he gets home.

Walk in Robe

Bedroom Cupboards

One of the Linen Cupboards

19/6/14 - Flooring still hasnt been done, not sure whats going on there, but hopefully it happens today. Only 6 days to go till PCI. Our correct front door handle has finally been installed and it looks fantastic. From looking through the windows it looks like the fix out carpenter has started installing the skirting boards to the carpeted areas, door handles to wardrobes and internal doors installed, door stops put on and our main bathroom shower screen has been installed.

21/6/14 - Called past the house today hoping to find our timber floor being installed and to my suprise it was, and it looks great.

23/6/14 - Carpenter was back onsite today to install the rest of the skirting boards, ready for the painter to come back tomorrow to finish off all the internal and external painting. SS has also sourced some cedar feature cladding to replace with our current timber feature on the portico (note - this will now be merbau to meet bal requirments) . The style is alot wider than we would like but we are hoping that onces its installed and stained that it will look ok..... im sure it will be better than seeing the yucky glue marks that we can currently see. Our carpets will be installed on wednesday, and i'm presumming the cleaners will be in as well, as PCI is still on this Thursday. SS said we should receive our final invoice some time this week!

24/6/14 - Received a call late this arvo from the SS regarding our PCI. It has now been moved to friday afternoon @ 2pm due to him having to attend a first aid course on thursday. We are a little bit dissapointed, but its only 1 day.
Painters were back today to finish the painting. Was too dark by the time I drove past to see much but I could see that the section about the front window has finally been finished (note - not finished correctly, will need to be taken down and re-installed rendered) . Looking forward to seeing it in the daylight.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Home Stretch

16/6/14 - SS texted today with an update of what is to happen at the house over the coming week, and it looks like its going to be a busy week:-

* Tiler will be back to finish off splashbacks in bathrooms
*Electricans back to complete fit off
*Plumber back to complete fit off
*Timber flooring to be installed
*Carpet to be installed
*Mirrors & Shower screens to be installed
*Cupboards to be fitted out
*Carpenter back to complete fix out

Will hopefully have a PCI date locked in on wednesday, cant believe we are so close to handover :)

Monday, 16 June 2014

Week 22

11/6/14 - Painters were back today to finish the internal painting. The have also fixed the returns on the external render to reflect our plans.

12/6/14 - Stone benchtops were installed today, look forward to seeing them without all the plastic on them.

13/6/14 - Air conditioner was installed today along with the vents inside the house and the power panel

16/6/14 - Tiler was back today to finish off the splashbacks, and from all the empty boxes sitting on top of the skip bin it looks like the appliances have been installed as well.

17/6/14 - Big day at the house today with the plumbing fit out started and completed! The gas system was installed, along with mirrors, ensuite shower screen, bath tub and toilets. The electrical fit out was also started, the downlights that we got as part of the birthday package were installed, along with the under bench downlights, power points and light switches, and data points. Still looks like there are a few baton lights that need to be installed where we will be swapping out to downlights ourselves after handover. The back door was left unlocked today so was able to pop in and take a few pictures, noticed that our powder room splash back tiles are wrong - they have used our bathroom wall tiles instead of our laundry tiles - will have to point this out at PCI , I dont think it will be to hard to rectify. Also got to have a good look at our benchtops, and I love them. Love the Pete Evans undermount sick! Its really coming together and I'm really happy with our selections so far.

Main Bathroom


Outside (downpipe, powerpoints, drains etc)


Rumpus Room



Powder Room (wrong splashback tiles)