Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Walk Thru No 4

10/6/14 - This morning we had a walk thru with the SS so we coudl discuss the render colours, timber feature and get a good look at out kitchen and bathrooms.

We have decided to keep the render colours as they are, and just fix the returns as we are going to be tiling/stack stoning the columns after handover anyway. The timber feature will be either filled in with more timber or pulled down and they will start again, SS is going to talk to the carpenter and work something out.

The kitchen and walk in pantry look fantastic, looking forward to seeing the stone tops (which should be installed this week) and mirror splashback go it. Cant wait to fill it up. Also really impressed with how the laundry, and bathrooms have turned out.

The are a few things in the shed that need to be fixed, but all in all its looking pretty good so far. PCI looks like it will be on the 26th/27th of this month and handover a week or so after that. SS will be able to confirm once the painters are finished and knows when everyone else will be in to finish everything off.

Powder Room

Main Bathroom


Walk in pantry



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