Internal Selections


Walls - taubmans crisp white
Ceilings - taubmans crips white
Skirtings & Doors - Taubmans crisp white (high gloss)


Benchtop - Caesar stone Jet Black. Upgraded to extend the bench length and width as well as waterfall ends
Cupboards - Upgrade to have Poly Thermo in Ultra Black Gloss on wall cupboards/drawers and in walk in   pantry, and Poly Thermo Ultra white on island bench cupboards/drawers. We have also upgraded to have no handles, everything will be finger pull.
Sink - Upgraded to Pete Evans undermount sink, complete with chopping board, drainer & colander
Tap -  Upgrade to the Dorf epic tap
Splashback - Upgraded from glass splashback to mirror splashback


We got the birthday package whcih include 2 overhead cupboards, broom cupboard, 2 floor cupboards with sink in benchtop. We extended the length of the bench top along the rest of the wall so our washing machine and dryer will fit in underneath.

Benchtop - black textured laminate
Cupboards - Polar White sheen finish.
Floor tiles - 300 x 300 Black matt textured tiles
Splashback - white subway tiles


Floor Tiles - 300 x 300 Black matt textured tiles
Wall Tiles - 300 x 600 White gloss tiles
Bath Hob - 300 x 600 White Gloss tiles
Splashback feature tiles in powder room - White Subway tiles
Niches - not making them a feature, will be the same as wall tiles
Vanities - Upgraded to Polyurethane Black gloss
Bench Tops - Jet Black ceasar stone


The display home has some built in cupboards in the hallway right outside the main bedroom door way so we upgraded to have these included in our home

Cupboards - Polar white sheen finish
Benchtop - Prestige walnut


Carpet - oyster
Timber - Rich Brown bamboo

Main Bedroom Doors

We upgraded to have 2 of our front doors, INF5VG as our main bedroom doors - they will be stained to match the floor and will have translucent glass


  1. Hi,
    How much did Rawson charge to upgrade from melamine to Poly Thermo and from glass splash back to mirror? They have quoted us in the thousands and it just does't look right...

  2. Hi David,
    Upgrade to poly thermo was just over $5k, and the mirror was $1100. We dont intend on having to do the kitchen again for a very long time, so we thought it was a fairly reasonable price.

    1. Thanks for that. We were quoted just under $3k for half the kitchen and a whopping $3.7k for the mirror.

  3. Wow - how bigs the mirror? Must be huge!

  4. It's only 2970mm x 700mm. How big was your one? We are building the Oxford 25 (slightly modified to make it a bit bigger)

  5. mines 3410mm x 750mm - I would definately be getting them to check the $$. Did you get the birthday package? As glass was standard and we paid extra for mirror - if you didnt already have the glass as standard that may be the right price - and if thats the case - do it yourself after handover!

  6. Yes, we got the birthday package so the glass was standard. Doesn't the splashback have to be done to get the occupancy certificate?

  7. I would definately be questioning that price then.
    It shouldnt stop you.
    We have to arrange our own OC after handover as we are doing the driveway ourselves, and need to get our pool fenced off properly - people dont get them sometimes for yrs, doesnt stop you from moving in, just a problem if you deviced to sell the house - need the OC for that.

    1. Ok, I will have a look into that and also question all our variations.

      BTW, your house plan looks very nice. If we had a bigger block, we would have build the Stroud too.

  8. We changed our birthday glass splash back to a window splash back as no additional cost.

  9. Hi Pinny,

    Your kitchen sounds similar to what we want to build as well. Do you mind telling me how much the complete pete evans sink was?
    And was the 5k extra for the gloss cupboards including the finger pull doors?
    Are you happy with all the finishes so far??

  10. The pete evans sink was $1250, and yes that price included the finger pull doors and drawers. They will charge you more $$ if you want 2 colours, and if you add more drawers instead of the standard doors it will cost you extra for the soft close as well.

  11. oh my! so the 5k upgrade to the polytec doesn't include more drawers (e.g. pot drawers) or the 2 colours?
    Would you be able to advise me to what else is an upgrade that is needed in the kitchens and bathrooms?
    I wasn't sure how much to set aside for upgrades and now i'm worried that i haven't budgeted enough for what we want =(

  12. Upgrades are really a personal choice. We upgraded alot, more drawers, finish on cupboards, extended length and width of island, waterfall ends, poly finish in bathrooms, pantry, sheen finish in laundry, downlight underneath cupboards - would allow around 15k if you are not wanting standard finishes.
    Best thing to do at colours is to ask them to price you for everything you think you might want and then when you get the prices, your can decide what your really want and what your budget allows.

  13. thanks so much for your reply Pinny.
    When you said to allow 15k - is that for all upgrades including kitchen, bathroom, tiles, electrical, windows etc??
    I really appreciate all this info. It really helps me prepare and know what to expect when i walk into the colour appointment =)

  14. That was just for kitchen, bathroom, carpet underlay upgrade, and timber flooring - but we had also had a PA in our tender for some flooring so without that PA it would have cost us about 20k.
    Tiles was an extra 1k on top - we just went with standard tiles, but paid extra for the metal trims, tile floor wastes things, and black grout for floor.
    We spent maybe about 2-3k at electrical - and we only went basic batons everywhere we want a down light (we will fit out after handover), a few extra power points, and a couple of external power points.

  15. Great kitchen :) when are they installing your splashback?