Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Stroud 30 - with some additions

After going over all the single storey home designs, we both really liked "The Brookfield". We decided to take a trip to the display centre at Waterford County to see if we could get some more information and have a sticky beak at the other houses on display. We went through the 3 homes on display and imediately fell in love with "The Stroud 30". We loved the layout and the overall look of the house was just what we were after.

Our plans will be a bit different to this as the porch  comes out and runs across the front of the bedroom. We are also adding another garage, and doubling the size of the alfresco area.

We are also going to render the front of the house - have done a little mock up just to give a rough idea of the look we are after.

The Hunt For A Builder Begins

After selling our house we started looking online at builders and going through all the house designs they had. We knew we only wanted to build a single story home, and had actually picked out a house we like with another volume builder, when we came across Rawson Homes.

We poured over there designs, and there inclusions, and decided that they were who we were going to build with. We visited there display homes at Chisholm and the sales staff there were so lovely and helpful. They answered all our questions, and emails quickly (even on there days off), so we decided to build with them.

Our Land

 After 6 years of renovating our home and working towards big extensions to make it our "dream" home, we found out that to make it a reality, it was going to cost us alot more $$ than what the house would be worth at the end. So we quickly decided to tidy the house up and sell, and build our "dream" home instead.

We had our fingers crossed that our house would sell quickly, but in reality thought it would take a few months, so we were quite suprised when it sold after only 3 days on the market!!

The search then began to find a nice flat block of land. After a few weeks of searching, and researching different blocks, we ended up purchasing some land at Northlakes Estate in Cameron Park NSW.