Thursday, 29 May 2014

Week 20

28/5/14 - Today we finally saw some tiles laid. Have no access to the house at all so only able to see through the main bathroom window and laundry door. The main bathroom floor tiles have been laid, and im hoping maybe the power room and the ensuite. Sorry for the poor quality picture, its the best I can do.

29/5/14 - Tiler was back again today and from what I can see the laundry floor tiles have been laid and looks like he is getting ready to get started on the wall tiles. The kitchen was also delivered this afternoon, ready for installation tomorrow.

30/5/14 - Wall tiles were started in the main bathroom, and all the vanities and laundry cupboards were installed. Loving the black glossy vanities. Inside pictures are courtesy of our SS, whom was nice enough to send them to me when he called on site. 

Main Bathroom



2/6/14 - Kitchen, hallway and butler pantry cabinetry were all installed today. What I can see thru the windows it looks great - the island is HUGE!. Tiler also finished all the tiling today apart from the splashbacks which will be completed after the stone tops get installed, grouting is also yet to be completed. The tiler has also tiled along the entire length of our laundry bench top (was only suppose to tile around the sink area), it looks amazing and really finishes the space of nicely.
SS called this afternoon to say that he is happy to fix the timber portico feature. He is going to see if he can source timber the right size to fill the gaps - if not, pull it down and start from scratch. He also confirmed that we can get the render painted what ever colours we want. He advised that our stone tops will be in next week, and that our timber flooring and carpet are booked for installation on the 18th June. We have a walk thru next tuesday morning on the 10th so will be able to lock in dates for PCI and handover!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Week 19

21/5/14 - Called past this afternoon to find the painter onsite, which was a nice suprise. Looks like he has painted the ceilings, and possibly the doors. Still no kitchen, tiles or garage doors :(. Hopefully they arrive in the next day or so.

22/5/14 - Painters were back again today, and our garage doors were installed, and plasterer has been back to fix the wall in the powder room. Also received the progress invoice for fix out, so was hoping that the kitchen and vanities were installed too....... but they werent :( Maybe tomorrow.

23/5/14 - Just received a text from SS telling me that our kitchen has been delayed until at least next wednesday.He said the tile will still be starting, but it could cause delays as the vanities etc need to be in to complete the tiling. PCI on the 11th of June seems to be slipping away from us :(
Painters were onsite today, and our tiles are in our garage waiting to be laid!!

24/5/14 - External painting was done at the house today and the painters have painted the greys in the wrong spots - dark grey is suppose to be on the columns and light grey on the garages and corner bedroom. Not sure what we are going to do, quite liking the dark grey on the walls, thinking about maybe just getting them to paint the columns dark grey and ditch the light grey all together. Will have to talk to the SS to discuss, as the returns are wrong as well.
We are also hating the finish on the timber portico - the stain is lighter (different timber to front door) than the front door which isnt to bad but the finish on the villa board behind the timber is very ordinary. Our plans from colours requested that the timber be tight fitting with no gaps, so im going to have to get this fixed.

If you zoom in on this piture you can see the horrible glue like marks between the timber

27/4/14 - SS has been off sick for the past 2 days so as of yet there has been no resolution to the render being painted wrong and the timber portico. Hopefully we will have it sorted by the end of the week.
Tiler has been and the floors have been prepped, ready to be tiled. Cant wait to see it done.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Week 18

14/5/14 - 20/5/14 - We are now into our 18th week in construction. The last 10 weeks in particular have flown, hopefully the next few weeks do too as we are very eager to move in. So far this week we have seen our front glass go in to the front bedroom window, front facade rendered, a new all weather access drive laid, eaves finished, waterproofing to the bath, and the electrican back to cut out the holes where the power points etc will be installed and working on the meter box, so hopefully the electricity will be connected to the house very soon.

19/05/14 -  The air con guys have been back and cut out the holes in the ceilings for all the air con vents., and our bath has been delivered. SS also advised that this week we should see our garage doors & kitchen and vanities etc installed and the tiling to start.