Friday, 9 May 2014

Walk Thru No 3

8/5/14 - Today I finally got to meet our SS. He meet us on site to take us for a walk thru. He answered my list of questions, and gave us a rough outline of whats happening over the next few weeks.

Our water tank is getting delivered on monday and will be connected during the week. The glass in our front window will be getting installed on wednesday. He has advised us that he is going to leave our skirting off in the hallway, lounge, kitchen, dinig and pantry until our timber flooring is installed, which is great!

Painters and tilers are due to start sometime from next week, with our kitchen to be installed from the 20th May. Our rendering needs to be completed before our garage doors can go on as there is some rendering to be done inside the garage and SS doesnt want it getting on the doors! That will start as soon as they are finished on there current job. Our site fence will also stay up for a long as possible due to the pool, which we are happy with as we need to get in to make it more secure since some tradies have felt the need move the fence and remove our covers, some even taking a dip :(

SS has indicated that we are still on track for PCI on 11th June, with handover expected on the 25th June.

There is alot to get done over the next few weeks, but we are really excited about being so close to the end.

Front Entry (bedroom doors on the floor waiting to be hung)


Hallway - Main bedroom on the left, study on the right with niche awating cabinety further down

Main Bedroom

Walk in robe


Hallway to kids lounge

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Kids lounge

Hall way to 4th bedroom

Powder room

Linen Cupboard

Main Bathroom


Hallway from 4th bedroom to kids lounge

4th Bedroom

Kitchen, butlers pantry and entry hallway

Lounge room

Fridge space in butlers pantry

Butlers pantry

Kitchen looking at alfresco

looking back up entry hallway - niche to the left, main bedroom to the right


Rumpus Room

Dining Room

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