Thursday, 18 September 2014

10 Weeks Post Handover

The renderers we onsite yesterday to render our front retaining walls, and they look unreal. Need to let them dry out for 2 weeks before I can paint them, which will be Knight Grey - the same dark grey on the facade render.

Rawson's plasterers have arrived this morning to start fixing up the plaster defects throughout the house, and will hopefully be finished tomorrow.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

9 Weeks Post Handover

We have almost been in the house now for 9 weeks. The backyard is slowly coming along, with all that remains to do now is pool fence, gates, turf down the left hand side of the house, render and paint retaining walls, deck the front portico and put in some gardens.

Over the last few weeks we have had our pool surround poured, alfresco area polished, front path poured, retaining walls fully completed, sensor lights installed and power hooked up to the pool area ready for the filters etc to be installed.

We have also had rawsons tilers back to finally finish the tiling under the bath hob, and the carpenter back to fix a few issues with our doors. The CSR plaster rep has also been out and marked up areas throughout the whole house that need to be fixed (our house is currently covered in green tape and pencil marks). They will be back next thursday/friday to come and redo - hopefully then a new lot of painters will be in to repaint i'd say 60% of the house.

Pool area and alfresco almost ready for concrete

Concrete poured 

Front area ready for turf

Front path 

Alfresco area getting polished 

Polishing completed 

Glass pool fence installed

Almost ready for turf