Thursday, 26 June 2014

Week 24

25/6/14 - Finally able to call past the house in the daylight to have a good look around. Have found a few things that we are not happy with, main one being that the section above the main front window is suppose to be rendered, and yesterday we saw that it has just been boarded up with material similar to what the eaves are done with and just painted. It looks very cheap, so that will need to be fixed. The framework around the front door still hasnt been completed, the front door still has cracked glass in it, and the door also has ALOT of dents and scratches, and chips of timber taken out of it. Not very happy about that considering the amount of $$ those doors cost. We have also found a hole in the eaves, and section of the render above one of the garages has a big chunk missing out of it. The front timber feature still hasnt been fixed either. We stopped looking after that as we were getting depressed with the amount of things we were finding :(

The carpet has been installed and looks really good. It finally looks like a liveable house now. The windows have had the protection stuff taken off and they have been given a good clean - hopefully that means the flyscreens will be getting installed soon. 2 more sleeps to PCI!

1/7/14 - Today we got a email to say that our mirror splashback cant be made in 1 piece due to the size, and that it would have to be done in either 2 peices or 3 pieces. The SS called around to see what other options we had, or if any other suppliers were able to do it in 1 piece, but at this stage its not looking good. Apparently we are 100 mm over in length to be able to get it in 1 piece :( .
SS is going to make a couple more calls tomorrow just to make sure there is no other way around it, but if not we have decided to go with 3 pieces so it looks more like a feature, rather than a necessity.
We have been told the tiler has been back to the house to fix his bits up, and that the carpenter will be onsite tomorrow to complete his jobs, with the cleaner back in on thursday so they can see what damage has been done to the timber floors. Site fence and clean up should also occur sometime this week.

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