Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Rough In

1/04/14 - Plumbing rough in was started and completed today. Need to ask the SS a few questions during next walk-thru as there are pipes from the kitchen running into a incorrectly placed drain in the fourth bedroom, and to make sure that the brickwork in the 3rd garage wont be left as is because of pipes as it looks crap.

Third garage

Powder Room

Main Bathroom


4th Bedroom - not sure whats going on there


Rumpus room


3/4/14 - External taps connected to 3rd garage wall & rumpus room & cavity slide door frame for main bathroom delivered

4/04/14 - Electrical rough in started today. Electrical box was installed and the backing plates from most of our powerpoints, light switches etc. Went through with my electrical pland and looks as though only 2 are missing - 1 in the laundry and one in the 4th bedroom.

7/04/14 - Electrical rough in continued with most of the wiring installed throughout the house. The missing backing plate has been put in the 4th bedroom, and the wiring is in position for the laundry point, just needs a backing plate. 

8/04/14 - Electrical rough in looks like it was completed today, and the plumbers were back. They have started to install the downpipes, and fix the pipes that had been positioned in the wrong spots.

Pipe in 4th bedroom finally removed

11/04/14 - Air con rough in was done today. It looks like the vents in the rooms are going to be placed it fairly decent positions, so pretty happy with that.

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