Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Independant Frame Inspection

17/04/14 - Today we had an independant frame inspection done and within 24 hrs we had a very detailed report with pictures emailed to us. Very glad we had this done as he has picked up on a few things that will need to be rectified before the gyprock can be installed. Doesnt seem to be anything major, so hopefully the SS will get onto it tuesday to get it all fixed up.

22/04/14 - SS rang and advised that the carpenter will be on site tomorrow to fix the issues found in the report. Hopefully this doesnt hold up the gyprocking too much.


  1. Who did you use for your independent report also did Rawson mind?
    We're building with Rawson and our SS seemed surprised we would want an independent inspection and would have to check if it was allowed.

  2. We used H & K Ryan. I just contacted the inspector and they made arrangements with the SS. Ours was suprised too, but so glad we did it as they did pick up on a few issues. Will be getting them back for PCI to, where they will double check that all the issues found this time have been rectified.