Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Walk Thru No 2

17/04/14 - Matt called past the block today to have a look at whats been done other the past few weeks while he has been away and the SS was there so offered to take him for a walk through. SS explained that the windows that were ordered were the wrong sizes and bal ratings, so they needed to be replaced. SS also advised that our frame inspection was being done later in the day so that insulation could be installed on tuesday with gyprocking to start on wednesday. He said we will be at lockup in 3 weeks, just waiting on the garage doors. Matt also asked if he had a rough idea of when handover would be, and he said he has us down for PCI for 11th June, but allow 2 weeks after that just incase. So fingers crossed worse case senario we will be in around mid july.

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