Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Walk Thru No 1

17/3/14 - Had a walk-thru with the SS to inspect the framework and to go over a few questions we had in regards to the build to date. We had concerns that the fridge space wasnt going to end up being big enough to fit out fridge, so SS is gong to have the space finished off with-out skirting to ensure it will fit perfectly. We also had noticed that a feature wall in our main bedroom was missing, as well as there is no support above where our stacker doors out to the alfresco area are going. SS has assured us that these items will be fixed when the carpenter comes back to do the eaves etc. We also asked about the valleys, whether they will be painted, he said he will find out as he wasnt sure. I have been told from others whom have built with rawson that they do get painted before handover, so will be pushing to make sure ours get done too. We also asked why the roof hadnt been finished, and SS advised that he likes to let the roof tiles sit and settle for awhile before the capping/pointing is completed, so the roofers will finish it off in between other jobs.

Our bricks also turned up yesterday so we are able to look at them with the SS, they dont look anything like the display board at PGH, but again SS assured us that once they are laid they will look the same. We went home and got our sample and they match whats there, so fingers crossed they look good once they start being laid. Brickies are suppose to be starting on wednesday.

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