Thursday, 13 March 2014


12/03/14 - Our roof tiles were finally put on. Looks like they just need to finish off a few bits and point and it will be all done. Love the colour of the tiles and the profile of them, not loving the silver valleys. Going to have to see if they get painted at a later stage, as i'm not a fan of them at all.I expected them to be the same colour as the tiles or at least the gutters. We have a walk thru with our SS on monday afternoon, so will chat to him about it then.

16/3/14 - Roof still hasnt been finished. Getting quite frustrated with the lack of work getting done at the moment.1 days work in a week is a bit of a joke considering the weather has been perfect for weeks. Bricks werent delivered as promised on friday, but Rawson have finally gotten someone in to remove the huge pile of dirt from the front of the house that has been there since the piering was done.

20/3/14 - Called past this afternoon to find our roof finally getting finished. Wasnt able to take any pictures as they were still working on it, but will take some on the weekend.

21/03/14 - Called past and the roof still isnt finished - not happy with the progress of the build at all at the moment.

1/04/14 - 3 weeks after it was started, our roof was finally finished!


  1. Like the progress of your build hope the couple of little problems you have had so far are easy to fix but looking good so far keep going with the updates

  2. Thanks Chris. We are happy with the progress so far, but would be even more so if the tradies actually turned up when they were suppose to, and finish the job in one go, not do some them go MIA for a few days then come back to do a bit more. Its very frustrating but hoping it will be all worth it in the end :)