Friday, 14 February 2014

Rawson Signage

No movement on site for the last couple of days :(. Rain is expected for at least the next week. Hoping its not going to be as bad a predicted, as it would ne nice to see a slab go down soon. Rawson signage was erected on the fence. Port-a-loo & sediment control fencing is still MIA.

Spoke to SS and he advised that the concretors have been held up on another Rawson job, and they will be at our site next week, and the slab will be done (weather permitting). He is going to move the frame delivery to monday 24th, to ensure curing agent and termite protection is down before the frame comes as the frames will be laid directly on the slab as we have no room for them elsewhere. SS has also released our bricks for delivery so we should see them very soon too.

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