Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Impatiently Waiting

So today we are at day 115 of the 120 day admin period, and we are still waiting for our plans to be lodged to council. Water board stamped them on 4th October, they were then submitted to Mine Subsidance, and we were advised they were stamped and sent back to Rawson on 10th October. Rawson still have not received them in the mail, and they cant be tracked as they were sent by REGULAR mail!

I have been assured that they will turn up, and that its not unusal to take more than 3 business days to arrive! Hhmm in what century. Newcastle to Sydney mail should be 2 business days max.

Anyway, after quite a few angry emails, I have been told as soon as they turn up, our paperwork will be sent by EXPRESS POST to council.

Fingers crossed they turn up tomorrow, otherwise I will be committed to the loony bin - this admin is slowly, but surely driving me friggen crazy.

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