Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Another Set Back

Contacted our CSO last wednesday to find out if they were on track to lodge our plans at council on Thursday, and we told that Hunter Water would not endorse our plans as the footprint of our house is to close to the sewer. Our water tank is only a meter from the sewer, but we are unable to move the tank anywhere else without it ruining the look of our future backyard/entertaining area.

To ensure that Hunter Water will endorse our plans, we now have to wait for 2 weeks for more engineer plans to be drawn up to show that there will be piering in the area, and that the sewer will not be effected by the water tank.

Although it is only a minor setback as such, it feels as though we are taking more steps backwards than forwards at the moment.

We are also still patiently waiting, for 2 weeks now, to be contacted to make our selections appointments. Im really disappointed in the lack of contact regarding these appointments. We just want to go and make all our selections so it feels like we are actually building a house not just dreaming about it.

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